Wrist, Encased, with Transverse Fracture, Artery, Nerve, and Tendons


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Ulna, radius, and hand encased in soft tissue.

Includes distal transverse fracture of the radius, as well as the radial artery, median nerve, pronator quadratus muscle, retinaculum, and FPL (flexor pollicis longus), FCR (flexor carpi radialis), and FDP (flexor digitorum profundus) ligaments with sheaths. Ulna made of solid foam with a canal diameter of 5 mm and an overall length of 27.5 cm. Radius with cancellous inner material, a canal diameter of 5.5 mm, and an overall length of 25 cm. Hand made of solid foam with intramedullary canals in the fourth and fifth metacarpals.

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SKU 1511-36
Orientation Left
Size Large
Model Type Single Fracture
Material Soft Tissue
Color Pink
Anatomy Wrist
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