Sawbones Medical Education Models Help Improve Patient Outcomes

Our Orthopaedic bones are designed to be cut, drilled, tapped, or gouged with standard hand, or powered instruments. Each Sawbones model can be used over again for a number of different exercises. The ability to mold and mass-produce specific pathologies makes them ideal for large-scale surgical skills courses.

In addition, minimal cleanup is required, in contrast to cadaveric specimens. Choose from over 2,000 different model types and materials, or let us create a custom product that's ideal for your specific needs.

Materials Guide

This Sawbones model has physical strength properties similar to real bone. Sawbones Composite Bones are used as alternative testing media to human cadaver bone.

  • When actual strength properties of real bone are required
  • For testing, comparing, or designing implants and other devices

Foam cortical shell models are made of a rigid foam shell with inner cancellous material. These models cut and drill easier than the plastic cortical shell models.

  • Total Joint Replacement
  • Internal Fixation
  • Fracture and Pathology Models

Plastic cortical shell models are made of a rigid plastic shell with inner cancellous material. Plastic cortical shell models are very durable.

  • Intramedullary Rodding
  • Internal Fixation
  • Surgical Navigation

Solid clear models are made of a solid clear plastic. They can be made with or without the intramedullary canal. They are very durable and an economic alternative to high polished models. We can also install customer-provided implants.

  • Product Display

Solid foam models are made of rigid foam throughout. This is an economical material for general anatomy.

  • External Fixation
  • Limited Total Joint Replacement
  • Internal Fixation

Solid plastic models are made of a rigid plastic. Some models include the intramedullary canal. They are very durable.

  • Patient Education
  • Product display

Transparent Plastic Cortical Shell models are made with a clear plastic shell and inner cancellous material.

  • Intramedullary Rodding where Visualization of the Locking Screws is Critical

Radiopaque models are designed for medical imaging. Solid foam models include enhanced visualization properties on the outer surface, and foam cortical models have enhanced inner and outer surfaces.

  • External and Internal Fixation
  • Intramedullary Rodding
  • Cortical Screw Application
Product Sterilization Advisory

Sawbones products are not intended to be sterilized or used in a sterile operating room environment.

Sawbones does understand that some customers would like to attempt this and have had success. Most Sawbones products are sensitive to both heat and chemicals. One method that may not damage Sawbones products would be a Sterrad-type process. However, this method is not supported under warranty and the customer is ultimately responsible for any damage to the products caused by using this method.

Sawbones does not offer pre-sterilized packaging and products.

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