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Blocks are laminated with sheets of solid rigid polyurethane foam or short fiber-filled epoxy to simulate unicortical or bicortical bone.

Standard laminated test blocks are 12 cm x 17 cm with a thickness based on your specified combination of block and sheet sizes. All blocks and sheets are laminated together with 0.64g/cc (40 pcf) solid rigid polyurethane foam.

Here are a few examples:

Unlimited Variety
Sawbones custom test and product demonstration blocks can be configured in unlimited variations to achieve the needed test or demonstration medium. The image examples above are just a few of the possibilities. Sawbones offers numerous densities, open and closed cell cancellous, soft tissue add-on features and a full range of milling capabilities to create virtually any geometry needed.

There are several ways to determine and order your specialized or standard non-laminated blocks and milled shapes. If you are unsure of what densities you need for your specific application, you can contact our customer service group for material suggestions at: info@sawbones.com. Sawbones can also provide a Free Material Sample Block Kit in which you can physically test different materials and their working properties to help determine your specific needs (customer pays applicable shipping costs depending on your ship to address).

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Commonly Ordered Block Combination Examples

Following are some commonly ordered blocks to help you get started, but we can create anything that meets your specific testing requirements.

1522-62 Laminated Block

12.5# cellular foam #1522-11, laminated with 2mm 40# foam #1522-16

Finished Size:
120 x 170 x 42mm

1522-65 Laminated Block

20# foam #1522-03, laminated with 3mm 40# foam #1522-07

Finished Size:
170 x 120 x 43mm thick


1522-107 Laminated Block

10# foam #1522-01, laminated with 3mm 40# foam #1522-07

Finished size:
170 x 120 x 43mm thick


1522-116 Laminated Block

12.5# cellular foam #1522-11, laminated with 2mm short fiber
epoxy sheet #3401-01

Finished size:
120 x 170 x 42mm thick



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