These models bring patients better understanding, which helps improve outcomes

Sawbones makes a durable line of simulation and demonstration products, to assist Doctor-Patient relationships

Charts and Displays

Our hand curated charts and displays are excellent visualization tools and interactive products that aid in the effective communication of the afflicting condition, as well as the proposed treatment.

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Full Anatomy Education

Sawbones full anatomy series is designed to provide excellent anatomical detail. Most models allow for retraction of the soft tissue outer layer muscles for viewing of inner anatomy.

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Joint Demonstrators

Designed to withstand repeated use for years, our joint demonstrators enable hands-on demonstration of anatomy while physically articulating and touching the various anatomical parts.

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Spine Demonstrators

Sawbones offers a rich array of spine products that are used for visualization of normal and pathological conditions. These models help in educating patients on the physical aspects of a particular condition.

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Tri-planer Demonstrators

Our dynamic, interdisciplinary tri-planer models assist in demonstrating the mechanical profile that each patient presents, to help them better understand the solution for a successful recovery.

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Women's Health

The models in our Women's Health series are extremely useful in patient conversations where a visualization tool is needed to explain related disorders or upcoming procedures.

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