SYMBA™ Articulated Ribcage System with Holder


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The SYMBA™ rib cage is designed for tactile demonstration of how the spine and ribs are one connected system. Healthcare Professionals benefit from anatomical models that are tactile, moveable, pliable and flexible.

Our models make it easy for clients to fully grasp how their bodies interoperate functionally and connect interdependently so they can better visualize cause and effect. This hemi-functional articulated model lets your clients see and feel how tri-planar movements and patterned asymmetries affect balance in the body.

The synchronized movement of the respiratory and pelvic diaphragm during breathing, combined with the recognition of our system’s bilateral asymmetry, are keys to understanding proper assessment of spinal and postural disorders.

The included holder was designed to maintain the shape of the SYMBA™ Articulated Ribcage System when not in use.

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SKU 1323-57
Orientation N/A
Size Small
Model Type Normal Anatomy
Material Flexible Plastics
Color Off White
Anatomy Sternum-Ribs
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