RediStik Wearable PIV Trainer Kit, Dark Skin Tone


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RediStik wearable PIV trainer kit features self-sealing textured skin and subcutaneous tissue provide the ability to practice skin preparation techniques with alcohol or CHG application, visualization, palpation and puncture of the vein with blood flash confirmation, threading of the catheter into the intravascular space, drawing back blood and administering saline flush as well as dressing placement. It is a lightweight and versatile model with a contoured design can be quickly secured to a person or mannequin’s arm as well as used in tabletop simulations.

RediStik PIV Wearable Trainer Video Links:

PIV insertion tips and techniques Playlist

PIV Kit set up video instructions

PIV vessel replacement video

RediStik Additional Features and Findings:

  • Needle-proof backing prevents accidental needle sticks
  • One small and one large vein option accommodates 18 GA to 24 GA needles
  • Clinical testing demonstrated life expectancy averages 1,000+ punctures with 24 GA needles
  • Quick setup for Just-in-Time Training and simulation scenarios
  • Worn on a person/mannequin increased staff engagement
  • Large and small rolling vein provide scenarios for palpation/stabilization and difficult access techniques
  • Used to evaluate procedures/policies and new devices/catheters/dressings
  • Progress from novice to advance in venipuncture and PIV insertion
  • PIVIE prevention and PIV trouble shooting
  • Utilized throughout Texas Children's Hospital and Global Hope clinics in Sub-Saharan Africa 
  • Unexpected applications: patient self-infusion, fistula access, CVC trainer

14 clinical areas surveyed within Texas Children’s Hospital consisting of medical assistants, respiratory therapists, nurses, advanced practice nurses, physician assistants, and physicians 100% (100 surveyed) recommended to their colleagues for training. See full survey data.

Complete RediStik Wearable PIV Trainer Kit Includes:

  • Black nylon carrying case
  • RediStik Wearable PIV Trainer
  • IV bag
  • IV set
  • Clip IV holder
  • Large and small vein tubes, 3 each
    • Lubricating jelly and Alligator forceps also included to install and remove vein tubes
  • 10cc syringe
  • Talc powder
  • Nylon talc brush
  • Color changing tablets
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