MagneFAST Shoulder Kit


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Sawbones MagneFAST 'Fundamentals of Arthroscopic Surgery Training' was developed as an extension to the #1711 and #1711-1 FAST Arthroscopy Workstations. This kit is designed to allow the user to learn and practice labral, SLAP (Superior Labrum Anterior and Posterior) and cuff repair as well as capsular plication and arthroscopic knot tying without the need for scope towers or an assistant. PAC camera #5700-5 sold separately.

MagneFAST Shoulder Kit Includes:

  • MagneFAST Opaque Shell
  • MagneFAST Shoulder Module
  • MagneFAST Glenoid Insert
  • MagneFAST Humeral Head Insert
  • FAST Base #1700-1
  • Shell Mount for Steel Ball
  • Steel Ball Holder for Endoscope
  • Steel Ball Holder for Camera Scope
  • Supereyes Portable Pen Camera

Please Note: PAC camera #5700-5 sold separately.

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SKU 1700-25
Model Type FAST Education
Material Other Plastics
Color White
Anatomy Shoulder
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