Total Knee Modular Demonstrator


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Sawbones Modular Total Knee Demonstrator is an interactive total knee replacement model providing three-dimensional functionality. It's for use in patient and student education. Removable components that can show the functional use and design of today's current technology in total knee joint replacement.

Customers can use this model to demonstrates the function and physiology of what occurs during a total knee replacement. The implants are removable allowing the user to visualize the amount of bone being removed, the general size and shape of the implants as well as the flexion and extension function of the knee after the implants are placed. The optional magnetically attached "disease state" femur and tibia bone pieces can be placed on the model showing where the generalized wear occurs during the normal life span of the knee joint. We built this model for Physicians, P.A.s or other healthcare professional who have a need to demonstrate the dynamics of total knee replacement. Note: Femur and Tibia disease state caps sold separately.


  • Designed with modular components for high volume handling without risk of breakage
  • Built with durable materials for high volume handling without risk of wear
  • Implant replicas utilize design from today's total joint replacement technology
  • Useful for explaining design rationale for today's implants

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SKU 4008-15
Orientation Right
Size Large
Model Type Arthroscopy
Material Solid White Plastic
Color Off White
Anatomy Knee
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