STIK™ System for Knee


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Sawbones Sensory Training Injection Kit (STIK™) for Knee, updates our workhorse knee injection trainer with rich digital graphics and computer sensing for discrete targets providing tactile, visual and audio response at an economical price.

The STIK™ injection training system is a major update that allows the user to practice injection skills by way of manual palpation, needle targeting and insertion for various applications - placing collagen or cortisone based medicines within and around the joint space to treat various injuries. The model, in conjunction with our custom software application, provides visual and audio feedback on the discrete target being injected. This hands-on trainer includes six discrete targets that can be dry injected providing accurate visual and audio feedback. Targets include medial and lateral compartments, superior patella pouch, infrapatellar bursa, ITB bursa, and Pes Anserine bursa.


  • Fully bundled package to allow plug and play use right out of the box: No extra parts or software needed
  • Custom software comes pre-loaded and configurted on the laptop included with the system
  • Manual and electronic interface combined in one training system: Expands the visual and mechanical aspect of the learning experience
  • Bone landmarks can be palpated which enhances real life procedure for acquiring correct target location
  • Durable construction with modular and replacement parts
  • Replaceable (and durable) simulated skin allows users to draw and easily erase anatomical landmarks on the outside of the knee
  • Versatile software system (on Windows platform) is used for graphics and data configuration: Future versions may allow for individual user content including custom branding, tutorials, custom support information, tailored guided instruction, dosing information, and more
  • The practice knee is mounted on a durable, stable tabletop stand that provides hands-free operation if desired
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SKU 1517-6-2
Orientation Left
Size Large
Model Type Injection
Material Soft Tissue
Color Tan
Anatomy Knee
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