FioNA™ Fine Needle Aspiration Simulation Kit


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Sawbones Fine Needle Aspiration Simulator (FioNA™) helps physicians, medical students, cytotechnicians and nurses practice and refine their skills on medical puncture and fine needle aspiration, essential procedures for optimal cytology specimen collection that can help improve patient outcomes through diagnosis. With FioNA™, users can now safely practice puncturing, aspirating material, and preparing cytology smears; procedures that today are commonly practiced without previous training experience and on live patients.

Sawbones Part #1940 is the perfect learning system for developing fine needle aspiration and cytology techniques. The replaceable bladders and skin patches (# 1940-5) are reusable and refillable. Included in each package are 5 bladders and 5 skin patches. Target areas can house different densities and types of aspiration materials in refillable bladders - creamy, watery, or even cellular, allowing sample staining. Aspiration bladders last a minimum of 100 needle punctures and are easily replaceable. Bladders can be adjusted to simulate varying degrees of lesion protrusion past the skin line. Provides realistic tactile feedback of injection penetration and fine needle aspiration methods. Repeated FioNA™ practice can decrease patient suffering and pain, while also reducing common complications from this difficult-to-master procedure.

The FioNA™ kit includes:

  • FioNA™ simulator with replaceable skins and reusable/refillable bladders
  • 2 - 20cc luer slip tip syringes for filling
  • 2- 20cc luer lock tip syringes for using with needles
  • 5 each of 23G and 25G needles
  • 2 additional unfilled replacement bladders and skins
  • 1 Aspir™ gun
  • 72 specimen slides
  • Sharps container
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