Osteoporotic Femur, Composite, 10 PCF Solid Foam with 16mm Canal, Medium


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Femur with 10 PCF low-density cancellous, thin walled low-density cortical shell, overall length 45.5cm, and 16mm hollow canal. Our composite bones mimic the properties of human bones to help you easily and inexpensively simulate load and motion scenarios for medical device development and approval.
  • Diaphysis cortical thickness ratio t/D = 0.33, 18mm inner cortical diameter
  • Hollow canal: 16mm (standard 3403: 13mm)
  • Low density cancellous: 10pcf solid rigid polyurethane foam (standard 3403: 17pcf)
  • Thin walled cortical shell, regional variation in cortical wall thickness
  • NEW low-density short fiber filled epoxy formulation, blue for easy recognition

Structural properties similar to osteoporotic femurs tested (no statistical difference)

  • Axial Compression stiffness and failure load
  • Medial-Lateral Bending stiffness
  • Anterior-Posterior Bending stiffness
  • Torsion stiffness

Cortical screw pullout load slightly higher than cadaver bone tested.* 

*Study under review with scientific Journal. Reference to come.

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SKU 3503
Orientation Left
Size Medium
Model Type Composite Bones
Material Composite
Color Blue
Anatomy Femur
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