FAST Knot Tester


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Part of Sawbones FAST Arthroscopic Workstation, the FAST Knot Tester is an add-on tool that provides direct, measurable feedback of the knots by the user.

With the FAST Knot Tester the user ties a knot around a pre-sized steel mandrel using arthroscopic techniques. Then, the user can remove the knot from the end of the mandrel and lay the circular knot over two tension hooks to test the knot strength by applying 15 or 20 pounds of force to the knot using a built-in lever arm. Afterward, the stressed knot is slipped back over the vertical mandrel to measure knot displacement and slippage: the graduated mandrill is etched with dots and each dot represents one mm of stretch. This allows the user to measure the effectiveness of their knot tying skill.

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