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Synthetic "Sawbones" superior to virtual reality simulation

From the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery

The use of hands-on synthetic workshop bones from Sawbones was shown to be superior to virtual reality with haptics in ulnar fixation validation testing.


“The study also assessed and demonstrated the construct validity of a Sawbones simulator … The procedural measures used did not correlate between simulators, and concurrent validity of the virtual simulator with the Sawbones simulator was therefore not established. The newly developed virtual simulator with haptics shows promise for helping surgical trainees to learn and practice the basic skills involved in ulnar fixation, but it does not yet attain the same standard as the current simulators used to achieve optimal surgical performance in residency training programs.”

Used with approval from Dr. Justin LeBlanc MD the lead author.
See the full Article in The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery Volume 95-Number 9, May 1st, 2013.