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Sawbones Working with the Perry Initiative

Pacific Research Laboratories (Sawbones) is a contributor to the Perry Initiative.

Since 2013 Sawbones has partnered with the Perry Initiative founder Dr. Jenni Buckley in supporting her outreach programs designed to encourage and promote women in the fields of engineering and medicine. One of Dr. Buckley’s early projects was the “Perry Outreach Program” In which orthopedic device companies, orthopedic surgeons, and Sawbones donate time and materials to hold one day “hands on” learning events for female high school students throughout the country with the educational content provided by the Perry Initiative. This program continues with dozens occurring each year throughout the country.

In 2014, the 6 module “Orthopedics in Action” educational kit was developed as a partnership project between Sawbones and the Perry Initiative. The goal aimed at providing a comprehensive and affordable “hands on” curriculum for middle and high school STEM classrooms. Since its introduction, over 150 complete 6 module kits have been distributed into American classrooms.

Please find an article/movie describing this program by the Detroit Free Press.

The Perry Initiative tries to recruit girls in engineering and medical fields. By Robin Erb/Detroit Free Press