Dr. Eduardo Alcaraz Shares his Passion for Cytology

Sawbones' newest trainer has a unique name and interesting back story. We asked Dr Eduardo Alcaraz a few questions about how he came up with the idea for one of our newest models,  FioNA (Fine Needle Aspiration) Simulator

"A pathologist with interests in cytology and dermatopathology, Eduardo can be found at the Hospital General Universitario Morales Meseguer in Murcia, Spain. There, he contributes not only to patient care, but also as an active proponent of better medical education – including the use of new technologies like digital pathology and simulations." (source: The Pathologist)


FioNA Fine Needle Aspiration Trainer
Did you always have Sawbones in mind to partner with to create the model? How did you hear about Sawbones? 

After some attempts with other companies in the field of medical simulation during 2016 (Laerdal, Limbs & Things, and Simulaids), I contacted CAE in January 2017 while preparing a lecture for HPSN in Florida (a conference that was very unbelievable to attend for me since it is not the classic pathology or even medical education conference). There, in Florida, I met them and they told me about Sawbones and its then President, John James. They suggested I contact John in order to show him the idea for its development. So, the first time I heard about Sawbones was during HSPS in Florida thanks to CAE staff.



Sanjay Mukhopadhyay and Eduardo Alcaraz
Did you have a prototype model you created that you started with? How long had you been dreaming up a model like FioNA before she came to fruition?


The idea arose from the need to do the best possible for the practical education of medical students. In 2013 I started to be part of the university as an associate professor and had an enormous responsibility to try to make the students have an active role in learning rather than just observing our work. In this way, and together with my passion for cytology and Fine Needle Aspiration technique, I began to develop in a handmade human shape model (initially head and neck and later trunk) to be able, with a balloon system, to carry out the procedure with the students for the acquisition of that ability.

Dr. Alcaraz says, "FioNA is a dream come true and I really appreciate the effort that Sawbones' staff has invested in it".

As he puts it “One idea (#Simulation in #Pathology), motivation (#MedEd students), concern (#PatientSafety), a moment (millennial generation), a new perspective (clinical skills), a name (#FioNA). 6 years, 21 congresses, 8 workshops, 6 orals, 11 posters.”

You can see FioNA in action at the XXIX National Congress of the Spanish Society of Pathology (SEAP-IAP) in Granada, Spain from May 22 - 24, 2019. 

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