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Introducing Mandible Max

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Mandible Max (#1573) is Sawbones state-of-the-art dental training device designed as an ionizing radiation-free model for practicing radiographic techniques.


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Mandible Max

Mandible Max provides the correct range of training and biomechanical attributes required for proper collimation. It is accurate for position and angulation and makes mandatory the use of rectangular collimation: it will not allow imaging unless aligning instruments and proper positioning of the rectangular collimator is achieved.

Key Features

  • State-of-the-art digital device designed as an ionizing radiation-free model for training in dental radiographic technique.
  • Mandible Max reduces multiple inconveniences of radiographic training because it is an ionizing radiation-free device.
  • No concern for ionizing radiation exposure, even by pregnant students.
  • No need to close radiology clinics for training in radiographic technique as Mandible Max can be used anywhere!
  • Direct supervision by a licensed dentist is not required.
  • Convenient handles built in to design so students can easily carry it or take it home.
  • Smooth, adjustable friction jaw mechanism – no springs or levers.
  • Students can take as many images as needed to complete the exercise.  The instructor can see all the final images plus the attempted images.
  • The system is completely modular so in the case for repairs, components such as the skin and teeth can easily be replaced in the field.

Pricing: $12,250 (standard system)


  • mannequin
  • rectangular collimator
  • sensors
  • alignment devices
  • software for PC.

Optional Accessories:

  • Laptops can be purchased as an add-on option and will be delivered with the software installed.
  • Round collimation available as an add-on option.

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Mandible Max