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KIMSeattle Forensic Facial Reconstruction Kit


KIMSeattle Forensic Facial Reconstruction Kit

As part of an initiative to create a Career-Connected Classroom, KIMSeattle has partnered with Sawbones to launch our new Forensic Facial Reconstruction Kit.

The Forensic Facial Reconstruction Kit lets students explore paleoanthropology, forensic anthropology and facial reconstruction techniques in a classroom lab setting.

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You can order your KIMSeattle Facial Reconstruction Kit here.

Authentic | Relevant | Career-Connected

A contemporary classroom kit and curriculum:  full-scale models, professional grade supplies, ready-to-teach materials.

KIMSeattle introduces Facial Reconstruction, the first in a series of Career-Connected Classroom™ education kits.  In this authentic laboratory, students take on a career role at the intersection of art and science while being exposed to a myriad of related occupations.  This highly detailed kit is based on the engaging recent real-life discovery of King Richard III's remains.  Students put a “face on history” while learning cranial anatomy (bones, craniometric landmarks, facial muscles, facial structures), and more.

  • Grades 8 –12 +
  • Professional lab grade materials, all reusable
  • For a class of 24-32 students, (3-4 per lab group)
  • Teacher’s Guide with detailed background, extension activity suggestions, and resources
  • Slide Deck with embedded lecture notes on pre-loaded flash drive
  • Pre-printed full-color, laminated Student Protocols
  • Scenario-based, giving context to hook students’ imaginations
  • Integrates science, art & history (for cross-curricular connections)
  • NGSS-aligned
  • Price: $1249.00

The Lab Supplies

This kit comes with everything necessary to complete a realistic facial reconstruction.  Skull models are full size, detailed and anatomically correct.  All supplies are professional, of high quality, and reusable.  Clay will never dry out. Thinking ahead, the kit comes with handy storage per each lab group to streamline next-use set-up.

The Curriculum

A 25-page full color, pre-printed Teacher’s Guide provides deep scientific content and detailed scenario background.  Educators can open the kit, and feel fully prepared to teach.  Especially with the included Slide Deck (30) and Lecture Notes, and 8 laminated Student Protocols.  No download or printing necessary. This curriculum was developed over years with real students in real  classrooms - intended to anticipate student questions, maximize their success and value teacher’s time.


This kit is intended to stimulate and sustain student interest in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) fields.  Students can begin to identify: Who Am I? Where am I Going? How Do I Get There?  More specifically, this kit explores a particular career cluster - exposing students to a broad category of occupations grouped by knowledge and skills required.  In short, this kit connects learning to life goals.

1 Kit Will Serve a Class of 24–32

(3 or 4 students per lab group/station)

Everything you need is in the box!

Each kit comes with everything you need to conduct an 8-station lab.

Kit Contents

The KIMSeattle Facial Reconstruction Kit comes ready for 8 stations and includes

  • (8) reusable skulls with tissue depth marker pegs
  • Clay, tools, materials for 8 lab groups
  • (1) Clay roller
  • (8) Storage containers
  • (1) Slide deck with lecture notes (preloaded jump drive)
  • (1) Comprehensive Teacher’s Guide (printed)
  • (8) Student Protocols (printed)

Additional Materials Available

In addition to the kit materials, extra items are available to replace or supplement the kit

  • Additional skulls with mandible, pre-drilled
  • 21-pin depth kit
  • Clay conditioning machine
  • Super Sculpey (beige)
  • Super Sculpey (red)
  • Super Sculpey (yellow)
  • 26mm blue eyes
  • Clay tool (wood finishing)
  • Clay tool (rubber finishing)

Order Your Kit Now!

You can order your KIMSeattle Facial Reconstruction Kit here.