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Custom Models and OEM Services

Sawbones Creates Custom Products, Displays and Solutions for the World's Greatest Medical Companies

Custom Models

While Sawbones has thousands of models to choose from in our catalog, we also create thousands more custom models and solutions for entrepreneurial companies seeking to revolutionize some aspect of the medical device implant or training market.

Design and Prototyping

Sawbones and Pacific Research Labs have advanced design systems we use in collaboration with emerging and established companies every day. We help them make their ideas come to life.


Our customers like to focus on the ideation, marketing and sales of their new medical device product innovations. Working with Sawbones and Pacific Research Labs, they can get their products manufactured and into the hands of their own customers quickly.


We create custom Biomechanical test materials every day. Customers can order custom laminated blocks or other custom products to suit their unique testing needs. Read more about our Biomechanical Test Materials.

Our Existing Catalog of Models and Displays Can Get You Started

Orthopaedic Models

Our Orthopaedic bones are designed to be cut, drilled, tapped, or gouged with standard instruments - hand or powered.

Each Sawbones model can be used over again for a number of different exercises. The ability to mold and mass-produce specific pathologies makes them ideal for large-scale surgical skills courses. In addition, minimal cleanup is required, in contrast to cadaveric specimens. Choose from over 2,000 different model types and materials, or let us create a custom product that's ideal for your specific needs.

Clear Models

Custom-designed to showcase any part of the human or animal anatomy, Sawbones Clear Models help device manufacturers highlight the engineering details of their medical devices in plain view.

Solid clear bones are ideal for product display and procedure visualization. Whether it is a one of a kind product display piece or a cost effective product demonstration model utilizing replica implants, the clarity and durability of our Clear Bone models really make a statement.  A variety of bases and lighting options can enhance the impact even more.

Veterinary Models

Sawbones veterinary products are ideal for practicing, enhancing, and refining surgical skills.

We can provide models for education as well as workshops. Models can be fractured or deformed, and soft tissue can be added. A variety of materials and densities are available. We are constantly making new models at our customers’ request for both product display and for workshops.

Surgical Models

Sawbones surgical training models have been developed for use in bio-skills courses and workshops to provide realistic haptic feedback.

At Sawbones we have kept pace with the changes and advancements in surgical procedures and techniques. Sawbones surgical models have the advantage of being clean, portable, with none of the problems associated with cadaveric specimens.

Confidence Through Practice™