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Orthopaedics in Action® Fracture Puzzles Module

ERP #1741-7
Lead Time: 14 days
  • Model Type:
    • Multiple Fractures
  • Material:
    • Solid Foam
  • Size:
    • Large
  • Color:
    • Off White
  • Orientation:
    • Left
Interactive lesson recommended for Grades 6 through 12 STEM classrooms. Through an interactive lecture and a puzzle exercise, students will explore the various ways in which bones can fracture and how the location and pattern of fracture can provide information about the forces involved in causing the injury. This lesson applies concepts of forces and motion and structure and function.
Each Fracture Puzzle module includes:
• 4 intact (non-fractured) femurs
• 4 complete “fracture puzzles” (femurs with multiple fractures)
• Instructional slides for interactive lecture
• Student worksheet and answer key
• Teacher professional development, including written lesson plan and videos of example lectures and hands-on demonstrations
The slides, worksheets and professional development material are loaded onto the provided flash drive.